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OMG , thank you , they are great , I have purchased sensors for my 2010 Hyundai ix35 and they are fantastic , I can now actually park with confidence . shopping centre are a breeze to park in now , thank you , thank you , great service , great product , great sales lady on the phone , installer was awesome, all round satisfied with all . thank you again

Rebecca W / Facebook

I spent forever trying to find the best sensors to work in my new car.So I contacted Professional Car Accessories and their sensors have a 10-point adjustment system. Now its a breeze to reverse into car spots.

Nessa / Facebook

They sent a fitter to our house at a time that suited us. Very professional job! Communication from the office could have been better with regards to job wait time.

Gus c / womo

Parking Sensors

Front Parking Sensors

$586.00 $565.00

Reverse Cameras

Reverse Cameras

$635.00 $585.00

Parking Sensors

Rear Parking Sensors

$245.00 $225.00

In Car Crash Camera

Crash Cam Pro63

$785.00 $658.00

In Car Crash Camera

Motor Cycle Crash Cam Pro099

Your Child’s Life is worth far more than $600.00!            This Our Drive To Save Lives

There is a Child about to be seriously injured or killed this week in a drive way accident. Small children,particularly toddlers, can be impossible to see from inside the vehicles these days,
due to the fact that there is less visibility out of the rear windows on new cars. NRMA Investigation One Australian child is run over in their own Driveway by a reversing vehicle every week.
Show me why this is happening.

Most of these vehicles are driven by a parent, family member or friend. Vehicles Reversing can trap a child, causing fatal crushing injures.
Its the second highest cause of deaths in children under 5, as appose to swimming pool deaths.
So Give yourself a Reverse Camera gift that will help you save a life today & join our mission to save our kids life’s.

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