Car Accessories Vision
To develop into a world-class, pace-setting Institute of producing quality Technology products with distinct identity and character that will outperform their competitors and offering a variety of products and services that meets the goals and aspirations of the clients.


Car Acessories Melbourne Mission We are Australia’s leading supplier of Quality Car Accessories, providing quality aftermarket car accessories products all over Australia, supplying products and related services of the highest quality and standards of excellence to meet the demands of the modern vehicles today. With Professionally trained installation technicians available all over Australia. You can also rest assured, we pride our self on our warranty, honer and any claims if applicable. 

Our aim is to save as many children and pedestrians from drive way run over accidents as we can. We have fitted so many reverse cameras and reverse sensors for people who tell me why they decided to get a reverse camera or reverse sensors and most times its because there friends have just run over their child, and now are faced with the trauma of living with fact they have run over and killed their child.   


Pro Car acc Quality Policy Melbourne

    Strategic planning approach to developing quality products

    Commitment to Professional car accessories and Continuous  Improvement

    User friendly assured products 

    Top quality faculty and infrastructure

    Team work and technical advice at all levels

    Most effective and efficient product training

    Updating & Learning product skills development & technicalities 

    Absolutely clean and co friendly work place

VALUE SYSTEM             

    Abiding faith in the almighty

    Always encourage Ethical business models

    Integrity, Honesty and openness

    Respect for the individual, and companies

    Gender and social equity

    Recognition for creativity and achievement

    Total quality and market relevance

    Provide a service to mankind

    Accountability to society

    Harmony with nature